Refund Policy

We have a zero tolerance policy for refunds and chargebacks. Our system on Buycraft is flawless in delivering your purchased items exactly as displayed within 48 hours of purchasing. We keep all purchased data backed up and documented in a secure way so that all purchases are controlled, stored and given to the user respectively so you receive exactly what you purchased. To make things more clear if a user decides to commit a fraudulent charge-back, our refund policy is:

- No charge backs: you receive every item you purchase described exactly as it is in the shop. Doing so is considered fraud and we will take all legal action we can against your case. If you somehow did not receive your item, we have many support contacts you can choose from here: Discord Server or speak to owner directly at Archer#0985 on discord.

- No refunds: if you are banned for any reason that means you broke the server rules and will not be refunded; please note if you bought a plot mine you are not allowed to share the plot it is on with anyone or you will be banned.